Saligo Design specialises in the manufacture and supply of antique mirror glass for feature walls, bathroom and kitchen splashbacks, furniture and a variety of decorative applications.

We also offer an expanding portfolio of limited-edition artworks and designs using both plain and antiqued mirror glass. Designed and made in-house by our fine artist and graphic design team, these pieces can be developed for bespoke commissions.

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Whether designing a feature wall, creating a kitchen splashback, or inserting into wardrobe doors or furniture, we offer a range of antique mirror glass styles and designs to suit. Typical projects include private residences, bars, restaurants, hotels and retail outlets.

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Antique Mirror Glass

Today antique mirror glass is essentially a generic term covering most if not all aspects of the products created by distressing mirror glass. It originated from the effect created when the silver on old mirrors became oxidised as the paint on the back of the mirrors used to protect the silver gradually lost its sealing properties.

The blackening of the edges of the mirror glass created an interesting effect which has been developed into a range of different styles over many years, some of which try to replicate the original antique mirror glass and some which provide more contemporary effects in a more modern setting.

In recent years antiqued mirror glass has become an increasingly popular surface design material for interior designers and architects as a way of providing a more dynamic and artistic look to standard mirror glass, whether used as wall cladding, kitchen or bathroom splashbacks, kitchen work-tops, screens, furniture or in antique and contemporary frames.

Distressed Mirrors

Distressed mirrors are essentially mirrors where the mirror glass itself has been distressed in some way to create an effect.

There are a number of companies in the UK offering a range of different styles for distressed glass, some of which resemble old or antiqued mirror glass, and some of which have a more contemporary look like marbled or mottled.

Most distressed mirrors are made to order, with the glass being cut to the requirements before it is then silvered. The distressed mirror effect is then created using an acid which is left for a period of time before being washed off and the then painted to seal the mirror.

As the process is much more labour intensive than standard mirror glass, the costs are considerably higher, often starting at around £350 per square metre before VAT. Lead times are also longer, typically 4-6 weeks.

We aim to provide an efficient and friendly service to all our customers, so please feel free to contact us by phone, email or our enquiry form to discuss your requirements.

Artwork and abstract panel configurations including Antique Mirror Tiles

We offer a comprehensive measuring and fitting service, we ensure a First Time Fit more than 98% of the time by conducting accurate surveys and re-checking panel sizes to ensure they meet industry-standard glass tolerance.

In-house installation service

Our art and graphic design team are able to provide abstract panel configurations or graphical representations of mirror projects, delivered to you via email where required. Saligo Design also offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles of antique mirror tiles, and in a variety of sizes.

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