Antique Mirror Glass Styles

Saligo Design offers a range of hand-crafted antique mirror glass styles to suit a wide variety of applications. If you have a particular requirement not met by any of our styles, please contact us and we'll see if we can source or develop an appropriate style for you. Alternatively click on the "Add to Quotation" check boxes below for an online quotation.
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Vintage Style Antiqued Mirror

Our most popular style of antique mirror glass is the Vintage style. It can be produced in any colour scheme and can also be toughened if desired, a few of which are presented below.
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Other Antiqued Mirror Styles

We also offer a wide range of contemporary styles of antique mirror glass, many of which can be toughened. *

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You are able to get an online quotation for up to three styles of antiquing at a time using our free online quotation system. Simply select the styles of antiquing you would like to compare and press the continue button.

Selected styles: