Antique Mirror Glass Styles

Saligo Design offers a range of hand-crafted antique mirror glass styles to suit a wide variety of applications. If you have a particular requirement not met by any of our styles, please contact us and we'll see if we can source or develop an appropriate style for you. Alternatively click on the "Add to Quotation" check boxes below for an online quotation.
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Vintage Style Antiqued Mirror

Our most popular style of antique mirror glass is the Vintage style. It can be produced in any colour scheme and can also be toughened if desired, a few of which are presented below.
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Other Antiqued Mirror Styles

We also offer a wide range of contemporary styles of antique mirror glass, many of which can be toughened. *

Alternate colour hues - Vintage Style

Our Vintage Style Antique Mirror can be manufactured in a myriad of colour hues, a few examples below.

Antiqued Mirror Glass Specifications

Glass Type

We usually recommend the use of 6mm glass for most applications, though 4mm can be used for projects requiring smaller panels. Thicker glass can also be used. We generally use standard float glass, but it is possible to use clear low-iron glass.

Glass Preparation

All our mirrors are made to order, and we start by cutting a sheet of glass to size. Cut-outs for sockets, holes for light fixings or curves can all be accommodated. Edges are usually polished or bevelled to specification and different colours of glass are available such as Bronze.

Antiquing Process

A traditional process of chemical silvering is used to coat one side of the glass with a reflective surface. To antique the panel, acid is applied to the reflective surface and then washed off before being sealed with paint.


To meet health and safety requirements, mirrors are safety-backed or toughened depending on the application. Toughening is slightly more expensive, but it does provide greater protection from breakage, and is a requirement when positioned next to a heat source like an Aga or hob.


Mirrors can be fixed directly and permanently to the wall with mirror adhesive or we can supply mirrors with pre-drilled holes for screw-fixing. We also provide hand-crafted chrome barrel fixings which we particularly recommend for our Designs.


Our mirrors can be delivered anywhere in the UK or beyond. For UK delivery they are supplied unpackaged according to industry practice. There is an additional charge for packaging.

Survey / Installation

We offer a professional site-survey and installation service across the UK. Typically, the cost for survey and install of a kitchen splashback in the London area would be £550 + VAT. In simple terms, the cost is determined by the location, the number of panels and the surface area. Please ask for a quotation.

Lead time

Our typical lead time for supply is 2-6 weeks depending on the style of antiquing and the volume of the order.


Retail prices start from £370 per metre square plus VAT.


Samples measuring 100mm square are available on request. We operate a policy of two free samples per trade enquiry, with all further requests requiring a deposit of £10 per sample refundable on their safe return. Larger samples can also be provided.

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You are able to get an online quotation for up to three styles of antiquing at a time using our free online quotation system. Simply select the styles of antiquing you would like to compare and press the continue button.

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