Antique Mirror Tiles

Antique Mirror Glass tiles have become a highly sought after and one of the most popular layout configurations for feature walls, splashbacks and various cladding projects. As such, Saligo design custom manufactures a myriad of Antique Mirror Glass styles and contemporary patterned mirror designs in tiled format.

Saligo Design offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles of antique mirror tiles, and in a variety of sizes.

The hand-finished styles can also be toughened, which is especially important when immediately next to a heat source like an Aga.

Larger tiles are typically more cost-effective than smaller tiles for the same surface area to be covered, with the optimum size being 400 x 500mm.

Tile Splashbacks

When tiling an area, it's naturally important to consider the space itself. Taller rectangular tiles provide a sense of height, whereas wider tiles offer more width. Square tiles provide a more neutral impression.

Another important consideration is the configuration - whether the tiles are vertically or horizontally aligned, and whether they adopt a more abstract approach, with different sized panels across the area. One popular configuration is brick-effect.

Once our installation team has provided the definitive measurements for the area in question, we can provide some configuration options for consideration.

Mirrored Splashbacks

If you'd like to know more about Saligo Design's Antique Mirror Tiles, please get in touch with us today.