Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors come in all shapes, sizes and styles, from the beautiful early French styles with frames decorated with flowers and fruit to the ornate mirrored frames associated with the Venetian style to the simplicity of gilt-edged classic over mantels.

Original antique mirrors are potentially very valuable depending on their quality and how well they have been preserved. Frames can be restored if necessary by professional restorers. Some people choose to replace the mirror glass itself, which can devalue the mirror as antique mirror glass is highly sought-after, but in some cases, if the mirror glass has been badly eroded with little reflective value, then a reproduction replacement may well enhance the value.

Genuine antique mirrors can be found in antique shops and internet-based businesses across the UK, but there are several companies manufacturing high-quality reproduction antique frames, and some of these incorporate mirror glass with an antique look instead of standard mirror glass.

When looking at antique mirrors it is therefore worthwhile considering what type of frame and what type of mirror glass effect you want. The advantage of going down the reproduction route is that you can essentially specify all aspects of your requirements. For original antique mirrors, unless you are lucky enough to find exactly what you are looking for, there will inevitably be an element of compromise, though more often than not, it should be outweighed by the beauty, history or value of the mirror in question.

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