Distressed Mirrors

Distressed mirrors have all the benefits of standard mirror glass in terms of adding light and a greater sense of space but in addition they provide a richness and depth which enhances the appearance of any room or space.

This attractive quality of distressed mirrors is currently enjoying growing interest from architects and interior designers looking to add something special to projects where mirror glass is an option, whether in private residences, restaurants, bars, hotels and retail for covering whole walls, splash backs in kitchens and bathrooms, or creating a centrepiece.

Indeed, any application that has been used for mirror glass can be applied to distressed mirrors, including artwork and furniture.

There are a number of different styles of distressed mirror available from suppliers in the UK. Some styles look to replicate the mirror glass from antique mirrors where the air has penetrated the paint and has gradually oxidised the silver, typically starting from the edges of the glass. This can often give a cloudy, blackened effect.

Other styles re-interpret the antiquing effect by offering a blackened style in varying tones and techniques right across the surface of the mirror. A number of other distressed mirror styles simply ignore trying to replicate antique mirror styles and have opted for lighter styling, giving more of a marbled or mottled effect.

All these different styles of distressed mirrors can modified further with different types or tints of glass, whether low-iron glass for the purest look, or bronze or even blue.

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