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Mirror Feature Walls

One of the most dramatic approaches to the use of antique mirror glass is to clad an entire wall with it.

This can generate an almost sculptural effect in terms of altering and manipulating the quality of space.
Variations in the way that the panels of mirror are organised and the degree to which they are antiqued offer a huge range of possibilities to explore.

For example when a wall is divided into equal squares of antiqued mirror the result is a uniform but rhythmic interplay between the variations of each panel- like Carl Andre's minimalist sculpture of the 60's.

Dividing the wall into horizontal panels emphasises the width of the space and vertical panels. The height and the proportions chosen for these panels will determine the degree of the effect.

Chimney breasts can also be clad with mirror to a very dramatic effect and offer the same possibilities of arrangement and composition.

Lots to play with and they look stunning!

Feature walls, however, do require a professional survey and installation. Most walls are not truly flat or square and variations in the wall surface are highlighted by reflections.

A professional survey and installation will ensure that everything fits and that any discrepancies in the levels of the wall are padded out before the mirrors are glued to the surface.

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Some feature wall projects