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Mirror Designs

We offer complete custom artwork and design incorporation to our Vintage range of antique mirror glass. Talk to us if you have a specific artwork requirement.

Designed and made in-house by Ben Dray, these pieces can be developed for bespoke commissions. Take a look at our range of mirror design styles by clicking on the images below.

Most designs are based on the standard size of 1050mm wide by 1000mm high in 6mm toughened glass and they can be modified for bespoke commissions.

We also offer a number of framing possibilities including our own lead frame.

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Need a custom design?

We offer bespoke designs but can also accommodate any mirror design to a design you may require. Take a look at some custom mirror artwork below

This range of mirrors evolved from a design for a space divider. The intention was to make something that either transmitted or reflected light but that was sympathetic enough to look like it belonged to the space. The first design was based on the shadow of a plant on a wall. This lead to a design based on my loquat tree, grown from a seed brought back from India.

The mirror works particularly well with foliage, giving the impression of looking out of a window through dark silhouetted leaves. In this way the image is striking and dramatic but not confrontational, adding to the sense of space by appearing to draw the outside in.Ben Dray - Visit Ben Dray's website