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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about Antique Mirror Glass supplied by Saligo Design

Please find below answers to common questions about antique mirror glass, installations and lead times that we are regularly asked.

1) Can Antique Mirror Glass be Toughened / Tempered?

2) Do you supply and fit antique Mirror glass?

3) How long does it take to manufacture Antique Mirror Glass?

4) Why would I need my antique Mirror glass to be toughened?

5) Can I specify the levels of distressing (intensity of antiquing) of antique mirror glass?

6) What are the requirements of a site survey? /
What state does my area need to be in for a survey and installation?

7) What size of antique mirror glass panels and tiles do you supply

8) Can I buy a box of tiles?

9) Can I cut my mirror on site?

10) Why is your lead time a lot longer for the Hand finished styles?

11) Is tile grouting or a similar substance used between multiple panels or tiled layout configurations?

12) Can I measure and install my own antique mirror glass?

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I am very happy with the mirror and so pleased that after all my deliberating I did go through with it. I don't find it high maintenance at all as the mottling makes it hard to see the greasy spots!
C. Boutwood, Ashford, Kent