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Floating Buddha design in Gold Vintage antique

Saligo Design

Floating Buddha design in Gold Vintage antique mirror glass

Client brief received to create a 'floating golden Buddha' design incorporated behind hand finished Gold Vintage antiqued mirror panels to accentuate the client's beautiful grand sweeping entrance hallway in a private residence just outside Liverpool.

The first hurdle was the distance from our 'End Shed' workshop in Cobham in Surrey. Undeterred our installation team set out early in the morning to site. Equipped with laser guided levels in order to segment the areas, our surveyor worked late into the afternoon to measure for multiple panels including angled segments alongside the staircase and completed the survey for 3 walls before heading to the luxurious Premier Inn. 

Once the glass was processed the next challenge was to ensure that detailed quality control was achieved, and it was imperative that each panel measured within a +/- 1mm tolerance.  No surprise to say that not every panel passed our control and as such our glass factory had their work “cut” out for them as they proceeded to re-shape a number of the panels in order to achieve 100% accuracy in panel dimensions.

Our biggest challenge was to design and create an aesthetically pleasing Buddha image that we could enlarge to such a scale that wouldn't compromise the final results and one that our client would be happy with. 

The next stage involved bonding the Buddha artwork which was divided into 6 pieces behind 6 of the larger panels and finally hand silvering commenced. 

Our fine artist stepped in at this point and hand distressed each silvered panel with a medium intensity level of antiquing. Finally the painting team applied multiple coats high quality varnish mixed with Gold Powders to create a non-flat golden sparkle finish.

Our installation team returned to site laden with gold and installed the panels to a perfect finish.