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Need some bathroom mirror inspiration?

Jo Westland

So you would like to incorporate antiqued mirror into your new bathroom but not quite sure if you can?

Do they come in boxes like tiles?

Can they be cut on site?

Are the suitable for a bathroom?

Are they waterproof?

We hear these questions on a daily basis and so hopefully the below will be of some use.

Each and every mirror we supply is made to order to your specifications.  Remember first and foremost the product is glass and so cannot be cut on site.  It takes specialist glass cutting equipment to do so.   Apart from that, it’s much the same as any other mirror only better.

Bathroom project featuring hand finished Vintage antiqued mirror paneling

The styles we create in our workshop in Surrey can be toughened. This makes the glass four times as strong if required.  All the mirrors are installed with a low modular silicon adhesive and foil backed. Each panel butts up against the other or the wall and then the perimeter is sealed with a clear sealant. Like tiles.

We can provide cutouts for flushes, holes for rails, edge cuts for pipework. It’s imperative this information is to hand during the site survey for us to mark the drawings for glass processing or it may be a case that we have to return to the site and so incurs charges.

‍Tropical birds incorporated behind Vintage ‘blue’ antiqued mirror panels

If you would like to have a chat do give us a call or enquiry online. 

Take that plunge to create the most beautiful individual bathroom.  Go on.