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Bronze Vintage Feature Mirror

Signature collection


Framed feature mirror, distressed with medium levels of antiquing in Bronze Vintage from our signature collection of hand finished styles.


Dimensions: 1200mm x 1200mm

Glass Type: Made using bronze tinted glass.

Hand Silvered: Silver Nitrate (Chemical Formula: AgNO3) is bonded to the back surface through the silvering process. Activating and reducing chemicals allow the Silver Nitrate Solution to deposit and harden creating a micro thin layer of pure silver which allows flawless and high definition reflectivity.

Distressing / Antiquing: Each panel is 100% unique to itself as the distressing is done by hand. The process of distressing is achieved by a chemical reaction on the silver side which immediately tarnishes and destroys particles of the bonded silver on the back side. The overall intensity, movement and granulated antiquing is distinct and no two panels can ever be identical.

Glass Thickness: 6mm.

Backboard and Frame: Black Aluminium frame with mitred corners, supplied with a backing board and hanging fixtures.

Care: To be cleaned with paper towel or a clean soft cloth using glass cleaner or alternative household product. DO NOT use harsh products with high acidity or alkaline nor abrasive liquids. Do not use bleach.


Recommended tools: Spirit level, handheld (cordless) drill, measuring tape, pencil, paper, Philips screw driver.


  • Measure the distance between the two hanging fixtures at the back of the mirror. write this number down.
  • Mark with a pencil onto the wall the measured distance between both points. Use the Spirit level to maintain a level line
  • Make 2 drill holes into the wall on the marked out points
  • Insert the supplied plastic wall plugs
  • Screw the supplied screws in 3 quarters of the way
  • Lift the mirror into place, ensure that the screws are in the hanging brackets and then gently release
Delivery and Shipping

Packaging: Packaged in a timber ply box with internal foam lining ‍UK Mainland

Delivery: We are able to deliver door to door in the UK. If you are outside of the UK, please get in touch with us in order to arrange an export delivery.

4 - 6 week manufacturing lead time