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Pioggia Antique Mirror with metal frame

Varying intensities of speckling and foxing, framed in a thin metal profile



Dimensions: 640mm x 330mm

Glass Type: Made using Pioggia Antique Mirror.

Glass Thickness: 6mm.

Backboard and Frame: Black / Brass / Bronze metal frame with mitred corners, supplied with a backing board and hanging fixtures.

Care: To be cleaned with paper towel or a clean soft cloth using glass cleaner or alternative household product. DO NOT use harsh products with high acidity or alkaline nor abrasive liquids. Do not use bleach.


Recommended tools: Spirit level, handheld (cordless) drill, measuring tape, pencil, paper, Philips screw driver.


  • Measure the distance between the two hanging fixtures at the back of the mirror. write this number down.
  • Mark with a pencil onto the wall the measured distance between both points. Use the Spirit level to maintain a level line
  • Make 2 drill holes into the wall on the marked out points
  • Insert the supplied plastic wall plugs
  • Screw the supplied screws in 3 quarters of the way
  • Lift the mirror into place, ensure that the screws are in the hanging brackets and then gently release

Delivery and Shipping

Packaging: Packaged in a timber ply box with internal foam lining ‍UK Mainland

Delivery: We are able to deliver door to door in the UK. If you are outside of the UK, please get in touch with us in order to arrange an export delivery.

2-3 weeks manufacturing lead time