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Pioggia antique mirror has a subtle appearance with varying intensities of grey coloured speckling and foxing throughout. With no distinct pattern, Pioggia is considered natural to how mirror would oxidise over time.

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The Pioggia antique mirror has proven to be one of our most popular styles due to it's subtle rain drop, speckled-like, antiqued effect. Bringing a sense of drama to the environment whilst accentuating the light with its high reflective properties.

Ideal for large area coverage, Pioggia  is prevalent for use as feature walls in both residential spaces as well as retail and commercial settings such as hotels, bars and restaurants.

Maximum size available: 1220mm x 2400mm in both 4mm or 6mm thickness.

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We offer design consultancy which includes layout configuration diagrams and general advice about each style and finish. We also provide measure and fitting services from splashback panels to multiple panel feature wall compositions. Our installation team are highly experienced and able to survey and install the most complex of projects.