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White Vintage Antique Mirror

The white style of our original vintage mirror. It can be toughened if required

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Vintage specification

White Vintage antique mirror glass is created in exactly the same way as the Original Vintage style whereas at the finishing stages the back paint colour is white.

White Vintage is offered behind float glass or low iron glass. Float glass has a larger iron content and so it effuses a slight green tint against the white paint.

In order to combat this we recommend low iron glass which shows the white colouring as bright and vibrant with no hints of green showing through.

This style is particularly popular as a kitchen splashback as a contemporary and modern adaptation to the original vintage style.

Bedroom projects benefit from this light and airy reflective style as it is crisp, fresh with a lace like feel. Recommended for wardrobes and wall panelling alike as well as bedside table tops. It can be toughened and so perfect for any installation.

Need advice or help with fitting?

We offer design consultancy which includes layout configuration diagrams and general advice about each style and finish. We also provide measure and fitting services from splashback panels to multiple panel feature wall compositions. Our installation team are highly experienced and able to survey and install the most complex of projects.